What is a Stroke?

A simple animation explaining what a stroke is, how to recognise the key symptoms, how it is treated, and what we can all do to prevent strokes from happening. We hope this video will be useful to you and those around you.

Stroke Recovery Rehabilitation

Cleveland Clinic offers a multidisciplinary team comprised of neurologists, cerebrovascular surgeons, therapists, and physiatrists that work together to help patients after a stroke.

How to Speak with Someone After a Stroke-(Aphasia)

This video is the first in a weekly series by Eugene Speech-Language Therapy LLC. I give tips for how to communicate with someone who has aphasia, a language disorder, that happens after a stroke, brain injury, or progressive disease.

Aphasia: The disorder that makes you lose your words 

Language is an essential part of our lives that we often take for granted. But, if the delicate web of language networks in your brain became disrupted by stroke, illness, or trauma, you could find yourself truly at a loss for words. Susan Wortman-Jutt details a disorder called aphasia, which can impair all aspects of communication.


Real Patient Stories

Watch real people tell their stories. What was it like to have a stroke? How are they living their lives after a stroke?


Family & Friends

What’s it like for the Family and Friends of a person who has had a stroke? Real family members talk about the importance of seeking support.

stroke help


Short and easy-to-read lifestyle tips